i-DAT is an Open Research Lab for playful experimentation with creative technology.

We co-create and share technological prototypes and practices, that push and challenge the boundaries of digital arts and creative media practice. Our main focus is on making ‘data’ tangible, playable and readily available as a material, to generate new meaning and inform participation, audience engagement and innovation in the arts.

i-DAT believes passionately, that it must embrace the opportunities created by digital technologies to be open and collaborative, in order to sustainably co-create social, economic and cultural benefit for society in general and predominantly, for current and future generations of young people.

Hosted by Plymouth University, it has been delivering world class cultural activities since 1998. In March 2012 i-DAT became an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation.

i-DAT manages the development of the Immersive Vision Theatre, delivering shows, productions and research into immersive fulldome environments. Further information can be found here:

Through a rich interaction with teaching [BA/BSc/MRes Digital Art & Technology in the School of Art & Media], research [MADr / Cognition Institute] and enterprise, i-DAT provides access to new technologies, knowledge and ideas. Collaborations with Peninsula Arts and Science and Technology programmes place i-DAT at the heart of Plymouth University’s cultural activities.

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i-DAT receives core funding from:

Arts Council England