MPhil/PhD Application

If you are interested in applying to nascent please contact:

Details of your application and research ambitions can be discussed along with funding opportunities. It is advisable to do this well in advance of the formal application as funding rounds are often time critical and require a considerable amount of preparation. Your research project can be discussed in detail and arrangements for an appropriate supervisory team and interview can be made. You are welcome to visit the University to discuss your research aspirations.

Applications for MPhil/PhD are made through the University of Plymouth’s Postgraduate Application process using the form linked below, along with information concerning the application process and University admissions policy.

[Download the University of Plymouth Postgraduate Application form here…]

1: ‘Constellation Columbia’. Courtesy of The Arts Catalyst. Video: Marko Peljhan. MIR Campaign 2003, Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre, Russia”.
2: Arch-OS design teleconference (USA-UK). Peter Anders, Roy Ascott, Martin Beck, Mike Phillips.
3: Inflatable dome, Shaun Murray and Pete Carss.
4: Arch-OS Core.
5: Arch-OS workshop. People with Slothbot simulation.