22 October 2016, 11am – 3pm, the ground floor of Plymouth University’s iconic Roland Levinsky Building.

Senti-Mental is a ludic brain model derived from a melding of an MRI scan and real-time twitter feeds scrapped form the collective mind of the Off-The Lip event. Tweets run through a sentiment analysis filter which impacts on colour and activity within the low-polygon-volumetric-model extracted from an MRI scan of head and brain. Looking more like a crystal-cave than a grey-jelly Senti-Mental is illuminated by the hive mind of visitors to the event.


Senti-Mental incorporates aspects of i-DAT’s Quarum Sensing Project which explores cultural computation, ludic data and playful experimentation with creative technology. Quorum is an algorithmic system that feeds off data generated by material and virtual environments and the physical and social behaviour of audiences. It incorporates bio-inspired algorithmic swarm decentralised decision making processes to generate a dynamic and evolving collective


CogNovo Bizarre Bazaar

On 22 October 2016, between 11am and 3pm, the ground floor of Plymouth University’s iconic Roland Levinsky Building will be transformed into a meeting place for ideas and knowledge, for research and craft, and for robots and people (that means you). On this first day of half term we would like to show you some results of research by us or our colleagues. With the campus being close to Plymouth’s city centre, the university campus could be one of the stops – with most likely the most valuable showcase of research in the Southwest of England on that day, and possibly the most entertainment as well. If you have participated in one of the workshops during CogNovo Manufactory, you might want to present a result yourself, for example by showing your robot programming skills, singing as part of the Fantasy Orchestra, showing what you have drawn, and amaze others with a virtual world you have created. In addition you will have the chance to interact with any of the following highly interesting projects.