I-BEAM is a national project to see what happens when you ask leading Dancers to design their own typeface. With 26 letters and 10 numbers at their disposal, individual dancers and dance companies will be approached to develop their own unique set of fonts.

Will they generate their fonts through performing the letters? Will they use their bodies in their design? How will it look when we try and spell particular words? Or will the font be legible at all?

Available to download from the internet for all to use, the I-BEAM project promises to provide a fascinating insight into how Dancers design and think.

Latest News:
07 June - New fonts now available to download [more]
22 May - The exhibition is now showing until 13th June [more]
16 Feb - We have updated the website as we have begun work on IBeam 2004 - the Dancers Edition. There is now a gallery of fonts from the 2003 Architects Edition, plus photos from last years Exhibition.


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