"… artefacts do not exist in a space of their own, transmitting meaning to the spectator, but, on the contrary, are susceptible to a multiform construction of meaning which is dependent on the design, the context of other objects, the visual and historical representation, the whole environment; … artefacts can change their meaning not just over the years as different histriographical and institutional currents pick them out and transform their significance, but from day to day as different people view them and subject them to their own interpretation."

(Saumarez Smith, C. Museums, Artefacts, and Meanings. The New Museology. Vergo, P, ed. pp19. Reaktion Books Ltd, London, 1989.)

The 'Artefact' Project takes this fluidity as its starting point. The 'Artefact' can be viewed from two perspectives:

• here on the internet, where it is interactive and can be manipulated and reinterpreted...

• the gallery (Gallery 70 at the V&A), which can only be viewed in its protective display case.

The Artefact and its interpretation panel slowly evolve as visitors to the website play with it and reinterpret its meaning.

At the core of the Artefact Project is a 3D database drawn from the V&A Collection. For the duration of the show the 'Artefact' evolves through a generative breeding of this 'genetic' information.

At some point in its evolution the 'Artefact' will become the collection.

The MODEL production team working on the Artefact project are:
Gavin Baldwin, Geoff Cox, Victoria de Rijke, Howard Hollands, Mike Phillips.
Artefact code and 3D models by Justin Roberts.

The Artefact project is supported by:

To use the Artefact you will need the following plug-ins...

quicktime5  flash5  shockwave8.5

Artefact is part of the Digital Responses series of exhibitions in Gallery 70 at the V&A Museum May 16 2002 to 12 February 2003.

Digital Responses V&A Museum.

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May16th - June 9th

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August 15th - September 8th

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September 12th - October 13th
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October 17th - November 10th
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November 14th - December 8th
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December 12th - January 12th 2003
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January 16th - February 9th 2003
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February 13th - March 9th 2003