Research funding for projects, studentships and research assistants has been successfully obtained from a wide range of sources. Collaborators and funders are listed below:
AA Multimedia Publishing Department, Aberystwyth University, Arts Catalyst, Arts Council England, Buro Happold, CASM Group, CMA Holdings Ltd, Creative Partnerships, DeMo, Exeter Healthcare Arts, Feilden Clegg Bradley Architects, Hoare Lea, Intellect Ltd, Insight Training Solutions Ltd, Laban Centre, Mousonturm (Germany), Nightingale Associates, Northcliff Publishing, Orange Group Ltd, Peninsula Medical School (Truro, Exeter, Plymouth), Performance Research Journal, Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth Media Partnerships, Signwave, Spacex, Swets & Zeitlinger, Watershed…
Am-I-able Network [Participation with the Am-I-able Network led by Simon Fraser University. The project is funded through a grant by the New Media Research Network fund at Canadian Heritage. Participants include: Banff Center for the Arts, Concordia University, K3 Malmo, V2 and Art Institute London], BEAP [Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth], Curtin University of Technology, Ludic Society, Planetary Collegium Network, Vlec [The virtual Laboratory for Envisioning Connectivity: a post-doctoral research initiative between Georgia Tech, Indiana University. Simon Fraser University, University of Plymouth, in collaboration with University of Art and Design, HGKZ, and the Leonardo Experimental Publishing Initiative], Woods Bagot Architects:
With specific funded PhD/RA posts from:
AA Multimedia Publishing Department []
AHRC [The Arts and Humanities Research Council –]
Arts Council England []
BB4D [BroadBand4Devon –]
BNSC [British National Space Centre –]
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation []
Cornwall Arts Marketing []
Creative Partnerships []
Curtin University of Technology []
DTI [Department of Trade and Industry],
EPSRC [Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council –],
ESF [European Social Fund]
HEIF [Higher Education Innovation Fund]
HERDA [regional higher education association for South West England –]
ESA [European Space Agency –],
New Media Research Network fund at Canadian Heritage
NMA [National Marine Aquarium –]
Performance Research Journal []
Proof of Concept – KESW [Knowledge Exploitation South West]
SWRDA [SouthWest Regional Development Agency-],
Woods Bagot Architects []
1: ‘Constellation Columbia’. Courtesy of The Arts Catalyst. Video: Marko Peljhan. MIR Campaign 2003, Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre, Russia”.
2: Arch-OS design teleconference (USA-UK). Peter Anders, Roy Ascott, Martin Beck, Mike Phillips.
3: Inflatable dome, Shaun Murray and Pete Carss.
4: Arch-OS Core.
5: Arch-OS workshop. People with Slothbot simulation.