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i-DAT’s Core Research Themes are:

Cultural Computation: audience behaviours, environments, ‘things’ and Artificial Intelligence.

Digital Heritâge: recognises that history is a pile of debris, some of which is digital or can be transfigured through digital processes.

Behaviourables & Futuribles: the Internet of Things, remote sensors, robotics, Props & Wearables –  (everywareables?).
Interactive & Immersive Environments: The digital Umwelt  – new experiences in enhanced physical, augmented & virtual spaces.
Ludic Systems: Playful subversion – real-time social gaming and playful soft-hard-ware.


  • i-DAT’s research themes & projects provide a rich context for {F/T| P/T, local | remote} PhDs & Post-Docs, from a variety of disciplines, who can engage with these initiatives and build research activity grounded in their creative practice.
  • i-DAT nurtures a vibrant, networked, transdisciplinary research community…

PGR Community

  • … it is entangled with an international network of researchers, practitioners, communities, projects, and symposia…
  • … is frequently infiltrated by professional digital artists and designers…
  • … and equally infectious to real-world interdisciplinary projects and collaborations.

PhD Archive

  • An archive of PhD completions, mapping out the broad range of research expertise…
  • contributing to disciplines such as: New Media, Fine Art, Design, Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Architecture, Performance…
  • through i-DAT, and research collaborations with the Planetary Collegium, CogNovo, 3D3, etc…

Current Research Sessions for the i-DAT community. Schedules are managed by Rachel Horrell and Lana Pericic.

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