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i-DAT’s Core Research Themes are:

Quorum – Cultural Computation: audience behaviours, environments, ‘things’ and Artificial Intelligence.
Small-Faraway: Big, little, smaller data – the harvesting, analytics, visualisation & sonification of data.
Behaviourables & Futuribles: the Internet of Things, remote sensors, robotics, Props & Wearables –  (everywareables?).
Interactive & Immersive Environments: The digital Umwelt  – new experiences in enhanced physical, augmented & virtual spaces.
Ludic Systems: Playful subversion – real-time social gaming and playful soft-hard-ware.

Between 2018-2021 i-DAT will be preoccupied with the delivery of two key projects:


i-DAT manages the Immersive Vision Theatre, a transdisciplinary instrument for the manifestation of material and imaginary worlds. We deliver shows, productions and research into immersive media (Virtual Reality and Fulldome) environments. Further information can be found here: http://i-dat.org/ivt/. i-DAT is proud to be a founding partner in the FullDome UK Biennale: http://www.fulldome.org.uk/


Something from the Archive: donald.rodney.autoicon v1.0.

Autoicon is a dynamic internet work and CD-ROM that simulates both the physical presence and elements of the creative personality of the artist Donald Rodney who died from sickle-cell anaemia. 1998-2001.

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