VR-IVT Research Group

VR/IVT Research Group 8th – 9th May 2017

On Monday we had our first meeting of the newly formed IVT Research Group. The group is made up of researchers Coral Manton and Luke Christison – i-DAT, Michael Strauesbig – Cognovo and Isabella Beyer – Planetary Collegium. Our aim is to form a transdisciplinary group to explore the intersection between Virtual Reality and Shared Virtual Reality using the Immersive Vision Theatre IVT. Our group looks to develop collaborative cross-disciplinary practices in immersive technologies and create a critical framework for research within the IVT in anticipation of a new digital dome in Plymouth as part of the Devonport Market Place redevelopment.

We met over two days to create a collaborative VR/IVT piece to explore how the two modes can be used together bridging the gap between VR and IVT. We used Michael’s Imperfect VR web framework to send directional OSC messages to an audio reactive fulldome piece we developed in Touch Designer. This enabled a user to control an object’s position on the dome by moving their phone – essentially making the phone a ‘pointer’ or gestural controller.

This method allows multiple interactions with the dome through a web browser – so a user does not need to download an app onto their phone. We aim to develop this further into a fulldome piece and workshop in which multiple audio and visual artists interact with the VR/IVT to make collaborative immersive experiences.