Date: 22/05/2000.
This is an experimental project that uses interactive digital media to enable the development of new forms of performance and narrative. It looks at the way that layers of interactivity are created in a live event. It also explores how human interaction is moderated through different forms of technology. In this project the performance operates over a series of inter-connected spaces. These will be created, using three technologies: satellite transmission, VRML and email. The performance will ‘take place’ in a T.V. studio; the performance will be transmitted by satellite to other receiving venues which can communicate with the performers by ISDN video conferencing. Spectactor is funded by DA2 and i-DAT.

Phillips, M., Ride, P., Lavelle, M. Turley, S. The Spectactor Project: A Multi-user narrative in Mediaspace .
palmeres for to seken straunge strondes.  Consciousness Reframed III.
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