13-15/12/06 to 19/01/07:

SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) / Rapid-prototyping workshop & Looking into the Eye of God seminar. The Bartlett School of Architecture, i-DAT, m-DAT, nascent-research, trans-techresearch. Sliding Scale (13-15/12/06 to 19/01/07) presents a view of our relationship with the peculiar landscapes of digital technology as an ‘ecology’. In exploring these landscapes we navigate through a territory that is disturbed, moist, blurred and vacillating. We are forced to focus on the ‘relationships between’ where process replaces product in importance, just as systems supersede structure. The tools that form these landscapes are harbinger’s for a meaningful ecological (both machinic and natural) audit of specific sites and processes. They demand the development of new strategies and protocols for their users (designers, engineers, architects and artists) and require that the sites, agents, provocateurs, disparate observers and drifters that consume and influence their output critically engage with them.

Download: SlidingScales.pdf