Basak Senova.

Basak Senova is an international curator and founder of the online curatorial project nomad TV. She will undertake a two-week research residency hosted by Plymouth Arts Centre and i-DAT as part of the Curatorial Network programme to explore the potential of online environment and social networking tools as mechanisms for generating cultural exchange.
The particular focus of the residency is on ideas of cross-cultural generosity, sharing, communication and social interaction in contemporary curatorial practice. Using the Curatorial Network’s online resources including discussion List and website as a research platform, Senova will initiate a debate about curatorial exchanges and develop a map of curatorial network in the region and internationally. In this way she will also map parallel cases and counter-actions that are linked to contemporary art practices that set new modes and channels for social, political and cultural information flow.
The debate generated through the residency will conclude with development of a seminar for March 2008, as the third of the Curatorial Network programme. The Curatorial Network is a collaborative initiative involving curators working independently and as part of organizations across the visual and applied arts, museum and academic sectors. It offers an online portal and programme of activities dedicated to the development of curatorial practice through critical debate, collaborations, professional development opportunities and exchange. It explores the metaphor of ‘network’ in relation to curating to discuss dynamics and models of curatorial networks, to advance collaborative curatorial practice and to develop international curatorial network. The Curatorial Network runs a series of international curatorial research residencies and seminars as well as international visits for curators based in South West of the UK. For further information on the Curatorial Network, details of the programme and to join the discussion list, see