#4: Inscriptiones vel Tituli Theatri Amplissimi.

Date: Wednesday 14 December
Time: 15.00-17.30
Location: Roland Levinsky Room 205 / IVT.
15.00 – 17.00:
Research Updates and Seminar.
Seminar will be focused on Coral’s PhD research into the cultural knowledge shift from material to digital and with it the disruption off classical hierarchical structures to individual quantum units of knowledge. She will discuss the first treatise on museums Inscriptiones vel Titulti Theatri Amplissimi… considered the first plan for a universal museum housed in amphitheatre capped by a dome. Why the architecture of the dome was chosen to give dimension, meaning and schema to knowledge. Through her research she proposes that the digital dome or Immersive Vision Theatre is the ideal place for understanding systems of digitally distributed cultural knowledge. Coral will also consider the material dome space in relation to ideas of utopia and counterculture relating to Drop City, Buckminster Fuller and Black Mountain College. Then discuss her initial artistic exploration into domes and digital counterculture through AV performance and live coding.

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