Arch-OS Workshop
AHO+BARTLETT= i-DAT:  A trans-disciplinary research workshop on Arch-OS

25th – 27th February 2009
A trans-disciplinary research workshop on Arch-OS:  Architectural ecologies: from aesthetics to behaviour, an interdisciplinary approach to affecting the relationships and interactions between inhabitants and their architectural environment. With:
Advanced Architectural Design, AHO Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway: http://www.aho.no/en/
A.V.A.T.A.R, Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, UK: http://www.avatarlondon.org/
Workshop details:
This workshop will experiment with and forecast potential future use, impact and value of using data generated by a building and its inhabitants, to recursively influence behaviour, creating a symbiotic ecology with a potential greater environmental awareness. Through an interdisciplinary approach it will encourage the development of an organic list of solutions or potential methodologies for building design based on the study of the main factors: behaviour, data and interaction. The resultant hybrid construct has the potential to expand and evolve our physical and conceptual space, and behaviours and interaction within these.