Alex Carr

Alexandra Carr is an award winning designer-maker and doctoral researcher in Digital Art and Technology within the School of Art, Design and Architecture at the University of Plymouth. Her research explores the roles of creative thinking and material experimentation within collaborative design development, investigating the role and impact of technologies for critical making. Her research involves user groups often disenfranchised from mainstream ‘design economy’ discourses. Recent commissions have included facilitation and participation in explorations of digital fabrication innovation and interdisciplinary collaborations with areas such as the UoP Brain Research and Imaging Centre, the Centre for Health technologies, and the use of local materials within community-led housing developments.

Alexandra has worked with the Wessex Community Asset’s Raise the Roof initiative and the Distributed Design Market Platform (EU’s Creative Europe Programme). She is a recipient of The Belmond Award, New Designers 2020.

‘Cluster’ is a series of hand embroidered and 3D printed pieces. The work expresses the maker’s curiosity of the embedded roles the hand, heart and head have within the creative practices of digital fabrication and technology.

IG: @alexandracdesigns__