Boundary Work I

i-DAT is collaborating with Boundary Work 1:
Boundary Work I is the first in a series of exhibitions designed to facilitate a survey of work that operates in the space between art and science and as such aims to encourage a dialogue between the sub-disciplines of these fields.
New Media Art can stimulate a mental image of a genre that breeds on techno-aesthetics alone. However, such a view short-changes the diversity of opportunities opened up in recent years through moves such as artists-in-labs programmes and the development of programming tools for artists. More significantly there is a growing public consciousness that evolving technologies hold significant implications for future human cultures. Such developments have assisted in the emergence of wet or living art, the growth of networked and intelligent artefacts, and a vision of the world enabled through new instrumentation designed for the investigation of macro or nano scale material environments. In addition to new genres, supported through access to new technologies, existing established practices in the arts have critiqued or been inspired by the technology and market driven actions in science.
So while science and art are often identified as opposing fields of knowledge technology can be seen as a common driving force in both. This gallery event attempts to draw activities in both of the worlds of art and science together in a dialogue where technology is the common agent.
The exhibition therefore is a representation of work that treads the boundary between art & design and science and an invitation to participate was extended to artists, designers, and researchers in practices particularly relating to science and/or technology.