Dome Fugue v1.0:

1.30: Sunday 24 February 2008. The Immersive Vision Theatre and i-DAT present the ‘Dome Fugue v1.0’. This is a specially commissioned sonic experience to celebrate the re-birth of the William Day Planetarium as a transdisciplinary instrument for the manifestation of material, immaterial and imaginary worlds. This pre-launch rendering of the ‘Dome Fugue v1.0’ will be performed in the Full Dome using its cutting edge spatialised sound system and accompanied by immersive generative visualisations. ‘Dome Fugue v1.0’ has been composited by i-DAT, researchers in the Nascent Art & Technology Research Group and The Immersive Vision Theatre ‘Domies’. The piece lasts 23 minutes 56.0409053 seconds, a scaled down sidereal period (a single rotation of the Earth relative to the stars). The Dome has seating for 35 people. The newly developed Immersive Vision Theatre was brought to life by the Experiential Learning CETL (Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning) under the direction of Dr Ruth Weaver. The future management of the Dome lies with the Centre for Creative Design and Technology, a cross faculty (Arts & Technology) initiative and a transdisciplinary catalyst for innovation to influence the evolution of new creative design practices and strategies.

Dome Fugue v1.0 is part of Voices III the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2008. Friday 22 – Sunday 24 February 2008.