The E/M/D/L showcase presents the workings behind the premier of the Fulldome Art Works Liminal Spaces, Dream Collider and Murmuration.

Thursday 21 May – 20:00


E/M/D/L presents: Liminal Spaces, Dream Collider, and Murmuration, the culmination of a EU funded collaboration between Canadian and European partners. This research project was carried out through eight international residencies and is presented in the Satosphere. Articulated through the fulldome environment as an instrument to explore transdisciplinary forms of artistic expression, these experiments oscillate between performance, interactive installation and immersive event.

The overall research benefitted from the sharing and development of the latest tools for capturing, synthesizing, and re-visioning the world by the imaging and sonification methods of sampling, IR analysis, MRI, Atomic Force Microscopy, 3-D scanning, photogrammetry and point cloud visualization.

These works capture the multiple, heterogeneous forms of presences generated by a digital culture but also critique the intrinsic homogeneity that emerge through processes of surveillance and control.

This transdisciplinary research interrogates the language of the new creative environment of the fulldome, creating the possibility of a rich experience of audience participation: a world of multi-user interactions, navigating through trans-scalar, recursive imaginary territories, harnessing both physical and synthetic worlds.