Volumetric rendering of a Drosophila (or common fruit fly).

Immersive Vision Theatre Project:

The volumetric rendering is composed of 600 slices at 6 μm digitized through a scanning technique developed at the University of Vienna. Converted to a format readable by 3D visualisation software such as 3DS Max this visualisation was output as a 3D video projection to be experienced in a dome environment. Because of the procedural structure of the 3D model it is possible for a viewer to interact with the image exploring the inner bodily cavities of the fly.

The software used to produce and visualise the volumetric model of the fly was: Drishti and 3d Studio Max and the interaction was enable through OpenSceneGraph.

Developed by i-DAT, TERG University of Plymouth, Theoretical Biology University of Vienna: Musaab Garghouti, Pete Carrs, Peter Smithers, Dr. Brian Metscher.