IDEATE 5K GRANT from Creative UK

Awarded to: Hedy Hurban in the amount of £5000

To: Developing a wearable musical instrument device

 This grant which was awarded by Creative UK in the amount of £5000 is to develop a new and innovative piece of immersive technology. The proposal was to create and program a new device called the Sound Drop which is a device that can be attached to the body (wrists or ankles) via Velcro straps and makes musical sounds when the wearer moves with it. The plan is to further improve upon the original prototype by developing a refined device that is more compact and user-friendly. To accompany the device, a web application will be developed whereby the device can communicate directly with the app where sounds can be controlled, added, and interchanged. The goal is to market this as a viable consumer product with the potential for use not only for musicians and performers but in therapeutic environments for children or youth with sensory needs, a new way of musical education and many other areas.

The device is currently being tested and will be showcased in a multi-media performance at the Market Hall Dome theatre in Devonport, Plymouth on May 6th, and 7th. The performance will be an exploration of sound, visuals and body movement between a whirling dervish and a flamenco dancer.