The Infinite Guide Workshop at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) 

Birgitte Aga / Coral Manton

Over two days Birgitte Aga and Coral Manton from i-DAT Collective worked with a group of young people and FACT Learning to co-design an AI chatbot using DialogFlow and Google Home Assistant. The group designed future AI personalities, wrote interactive, speculative near future narratives on Twine and co-created one AI chatbot on Dialogflow, each member authoring their own intents and responses, reflecting the different personality designs. Today the group devised their own public exhibition that took place in FACT, in which they performed with and invited the public to speak to their AI. This is part of a bigger project exploring near future narratives around AI, ‘The Infinite Guide’ – look out for the online launch, and exhibition opening at KARST on the 31st August.