Matt Holmes

Matt is a narrative-driven Designer, Maker, Creative Technologist, and Researcher, working across the boundaries of analogue and digital in the processes of making. Often found lightly covered in sawdust or printing ink (usually both), pencil behind his ear, negotiating/arguing with some form of digital fabrication equipment.

His current area of work involves the agency and authenticity of craft in the age of digital fabrication, and how modern technology can work to protect, augment or evolve heritage crafts. His practice and research primarily focus on Letterpress printing, exploring the impact of integrating digital fabrication (3D Printing & CNC Milling) within the established traditional craft framework.

A graduate of the University of Plymouth having studied a BA(Hons) in 3D Design (Designer Maker specialism) in 2020, followed by an MA in Design in 2021, he is now continuing his studies as a Ph.D. researcher.