i-DAT’s Arts Council NPO status to change

i-DAT will continue as an experimental, innovative organisation at the cutting edge of digital media, despite a change in its funding status next year, says its chairman Robin Tatam.
In the same month as hearing the news of its cut in funding, i-DAT has seen its app for a Liverpool media festival launched and it has welcomed global academics to its Immersive Dome.
In the past 12 months, i-DAT has developed its Qualia technology that measures arts audience feedback and has turned its home city of Plymouth into an interactive game called Resurgam. In the coming weeks, i-DAT will be hosting thousands of young coders for the Young Rewired State Festival of Code and is proposing an arts and culture app for its home city of Plymouth.
It is the UK partner in a €400k EU-funded Immersive Environment network and its research and development continues to put it at the forefront of technology and data developments.
“We are continually proud to deliver outstanding new tools, insights, data and opportunities across the world and will continue to do so with programmes like Qualia, Plymouth’s What’s On App, Resurgam, Young Rewired State as well as many more i-DAT products,” said its chairman, Robin Tatam.
“This news will not in any way dampen our enthusiasm or hinder our open-source innovation and creativity in these intriguing areas; areas where i-DAT is recognised as a world leader.”
Phil Gibby, Area Director, South West, Arts Council England, said: “We are pleased to have been able to support i-DAT’s working for a number of years. We value the work they have done very highly and we will continue to work closely with staff and management in the future.
“i-DAT submitted a strong application, the National Portfolio is only one part of Arts Council England’s investment programme and we will be exploring with i-DAT the other options that may be more suitable for an organisation that is at the cutting edge digital arts and technology, which will enable them to respond to emerging opportunities and changing trends.”