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[HEX: 1991-1999][Post Human Condition: 1995]/

The Post-Human Condition

This work challenges many of the humanist assumptions of Western philosophy, science and art. It proposes a view of the human condition building on the findings of quantum theory, chaos theory, catastrophe theory, cybernetics, cyberpunk and “New Ageism”, taking into account current scientific and technological developments. The author asserts that as we enter the Post Human era, many of our beliefs are redundant, most obviously the belief in the human being. Historically, the social evolution from the Agricultural era to the Industrial era was accompanied by a cultural shift from theism to humanism. The current shift from the Industrial era to the Technological era brings with it radical changes in cultural values and the impact of high technology and increasing automation is changing the way we think about ourselves and our environment.

Pepperell collaborated with Mike Phillips, following their postgrad at the Slade School of Art (1985-87) to support the networking activities of Roy Ascott.

In the early 1990’s Pepperell joined forces with Miles Visman to form HEX, a multimedia production group, producing games, interactive installations, CD-ROMs and VJ sets.


Robert Pepperell studied at the Slade School of Art. He has exhibited at Ars Electronica, the Barbican Gallery, Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art, the ICA, and the Millennium Dome, and published several books, including The Posthuman Condition (1995 and 2003) and The Postdigital Membrane (with Michael Punt, 2000), as well as articles, reviews and papers. He is currently Professor of Fine Art and Head of the Fine Art Department at Cardiff School of Art & Design, where he runs FovoLab (