ROOM2DREAM (PREVIEW) An Immersive 360 Film Sharing songs, poetry, music and imagery from young people around the world.


ROOM2DREAM is an immersive 360 Film Sharing songs, poetry, music, and imagery from young people from fourteen centres in seven partnerships. Each international centre is partnered with an English hospital school, hospice, or school. Over the past year the young people have worked together exchanging poetry to create a single shared work. The collaborative process has involved creative writing, learning, and recording shared choruses from their own songs, learning how to film in 360 and sharing storyboards to create the final 360 film collaboration that accompanies their words. The renowned composer, Jocelyn Pook, has created the score in response to the young people’s poems and songs.

The ROOM2DREAM Preview screening takes place Wednesday 6 July 2022 at the Devonport Market Hall.

ROOM2DREAM takes audiences on a journey from Zimbabwe, Rwanda, South Africa, Gaza, Syria, India and Nepal, England and Scotland. Partnerships include two children’s hospices, an Oxford Hospital School, a refugee camp in Rwanda, a young person’s charity in India and a choir based in Syria.

A preview is taking place on 6th July at the fulldome, Market Hall, Plymouth. The fulldome enables audiences to experience immersive realities, without the need for a VR headsemarkett, opening up a world of incredible creative and immersive experiences for all ages.


“The fact that two groups of people from different parts of the world can come together to write such a creative piece of poetry amazes me. It fascinates me how total strangers are able to interact and connect so well together… It has built our confidence and exposed us to different forms of poetry to help us all become better poets.”

Pupil, Prince Edward School, Harare, India.

“The children have never before been listened to so well and having the opportunity to make links and forge bonds with other young people across the world has been life changing for our students. They have learned that their voices matter, their creativity matters and they have been able to collaborate in a shared art work that transcends country boarders.”

Jess Selfe, English Literature Teacher, Bartholomew School, Eynsham.