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What is the LiquidPress?

LiquidPress is an i-DAT [Institute of Digital Art & Technology] research project that responds to the changing world of publishing as it moves from paper/TV/WWW/CD to digital generative media forms, and from fixed to live and dynamic media. Liquid Press aims to consolidate a series of new media publishing activities which explore the construction and dissemination of 'trans-media digital content' or 'liquid' media that can flow through a range of media forms.

What is Broadband4Devon?

The Broadband4Devon project aims to help more than 5,500 businesses in key areas of the country to reap the benefits of broadband through a range of subsidies, practical advice and knowledgeable support. The BB4D website can be found here:


What is the nature of this collaboration?

LiquidPress is a working in partnership with BB4D project to design innovative solutions in the use of Broadband technologies. LiquidPress is working to develop tools to enable businesses to get the most from their Broadband service. LiquidPress is developing a programme of workshops, productions and surgeries targeted at expanding business's new media horizons. LiquidPress will develop specific projects through collaborations with companies and individuals, and offers technical support, advice, workshops and access to resources.

Who’s involved?

Funding from the European Union's Objective 2 programme, the South West Regional Development Agency and Partners, means Broadband4Devon can provide Information and Communications Technology (ICT) advice and guidance to businesses in rural Devon, together with subsidies to encourage connection and development. The Business Partners of the Broadband4Devon project are: