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Liquid Press Workshops.

LiquidPress is offering a programme of workshops targeted at your companies' specific requirements. The workshops will cover general media development, streaming media services and also specific tailored product production. The workshops will usually be held at the LiquidPress facility in Plymouth but in some cases workshops may be held externally at your companies' offices.

The workshops can be tailored around your specific needs, enabling you to get the most out of Broadband. We currently have four workshops to offer interested businesses. Together they cover a wide range of subjects enabling businesses to get the most out of their broadband connection. Use the links below to view the workshop outlines.


Workshop 1: A Digital Production Overview.

Workshop 2: An introduction to Digital Imaging.

Workshop 3: An introduction to Web-Authoring.

Workshop 4: An introduction to Digital Video.

Open Mute: FOSS culture workshop with Jaromil.