Birgitte Aga

Birgitte Aga [B] is currently undertaking a 3D3 PhD with  i-DAT as well as working as a digital producer for the organisation. She specialises in R&D across creative media in relation to data and playful technologies. Her focus is on the evolution and convergence of prototyping and real-time data and the influence of such processual, dynamic, participatory and responsive aspects on contemporary arts/culture. Central in her work is the belief that one must embrace the opportunities created by digital technologies to be open and collaborative in order to sustainably co-create.

B co-founded Submerge, a talent and innovation agency for the creative industries and has, since 1998, produced a range of playful and experimental cultural probes/prototypes, interventions, festivals and exhibitions. She has delivered research and produced for a range of organisations such as the Arts Council England, Creative & Cultural Skills, Futurelab, Pervasive Media Lab, the Real Ideas Organisation and Lottolab.