Dr Gianni Corino

Gianni Corino.
Dr. Gianni Corino is Associate Professor in Interactive Media, i-DAT’s Creative Producer and Programme Leader for MRes Digital Art and Technology at Plymouth University. His interdisciplinary research explores the idea of performativity, embodied and social networks and emergent technological practices. In latest works he investigates the relevance of the ‘thing’ and the ‘object’ from a philosophical and social perspective in the context of the Internet of to propose alternative design approaches to the field and to facilitate this he established the “Smarter Planet Lab” as an interdisciplinary facility in partnership with IBM – Hursley Innovation Centre.
He has published on journals and books

across various disciplines (social, design, media), his latest article talks about a theory object called Thingbook, The Society of all Things (Humans, Animals, Things and Data). Previous projects include Remote Risonanaze, Quixote or Dn[t]cube. Remote Risonanze (in collaboration with Piero Gilardi and Elisa Giaccardi), is a sonic installation controlled via a virtual reality platform over Internet; Dn[t]cube (in collaboration with Lorenzo Verna) is a participatory interactive installation to generate semantic ontologies; Metrobosco (in collaboration with Chiara Boeri), a participatory installation  for urban redevelopment; Quixote, a locative media project and Transactional Props, a cybernetic installation about and for the IoT.