Birgitte Aga

Dr Birgitte Aga [B] is an interdisciplinary designer, artist/maker, technologist, researcher and producer. She creates collaborative and data driven prototypes, sometimes as art works, cultural probes, interventions, or proof of concept and other times just to play. For the last fifteen years she has been part of the i-DAT Research and Design Collective. Her research currently focuses on prototyping intimate data-driven experiences to question the use of predictive algorithms and personal data for human enhancement and commercial gain. Underpinning her work is a belief that one must embrace the opportunities created by digital technologies to be open and collaborative in order to sustainably co-create.

B co-founded Submerge, a talent and innovation agency for the creative industries and has, since 1998, produced a range of playful and experimental cultural probes/prototypes, interventions, festivals and exhibitions. She has delivered research and produced for a range of organisations such as the Arts Council England, Creative & Cultural Skills, Futurelab, Pervasive Media Lab, the Real Ideas Organisation and Lottolab. She is an organisational member of FulldomeUK, a not-for-profit association supporting artists and researchers working within Fulldome immersive environments.