Birgitte Aga

Dr Birgitte Aga [B] is a creative technologist, researcher, producer and designer with an MBA in innovation and a PhD in conversational AI. She has 20 years of experience initiating and producing R&D with a focus on the creative application of emergent technologies, in particular conversational voice and text-enabled experiences.

She also creates conversational AI artworks, curates exhibitions, presents at international conferences and delivers a program of workshops that claim, drive and develop technological innovation for cultural, artistic and social impact. Central to her work is an ethos of collaboration with people, companies and cultural venues, driven by an ambition to engage the next generation of young people (in particular women) in designing future AI technologies.

Birgitte is also a South West Creative Technology Fellow (UK) for automation/AI, co-organiser of the Fulldome UK Biennial (UK), part of the  i-DAT Research & Design Collective and in receipt of funding from the ACE Artists International Development fund (UK).