i-DAT and Tate at Technarte 2017 Bilbao

i-DAT and Tate at Technarte 2017 Bilbao.
This is Where We Are- Collaborating with Algorithms 
‘This Is Where We Are’ (TIWWA) was an immersive and interactive algorithmic sculpture fuelled by the data we collectively generate, created by i-DAT working with Tate Collective London and Intercity for the opening of the new Tate Modern building. London, UK, on the 17 – 19 June 2016. This technological fusion of interactive light and sound asks audiences to consider the data they generate and the algorithms that increasingly influence their behaviour through offering a glimpse into a future where we work rest and play with and through algorithms. The event saw 197,000 people interact with TIWWA through direct contact with its mediated surfaces and through online real-time interactions through social media and the TIWWA AI chatbot.
Birgitte Aga, Mike Phillips & Rebecca Sinker (Tate)
Technarte 2017 Photo Album
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