A Manifesto for Creative Producing

Christiana Kazakou has been accepted into Ars Electronica’s 6-week global programme titled “A Manifesto for Creative Producing,” which brings together creative producers from various disciplines and backgrounds.

This interdisciplinary collaboration emerges as a critical linchpin in an increasingly interconnected world, with the results on display at this year’s festival edition.

A common commitment to collaborative process, relationship building, and creative problem solving can be seen across industries and sectors. The creative producer creates spaces for open-ended creativity, multiple perspectives, and unexpected connections that will help us imagine different realities, and forge different paths that allows us to take responsibility for a more equitable digital future.

During an exciting 6-week programme, emerging and established Creative Producers will have a space to gather and develop; to critically reflect on our role and its impact on the New Digital Deal; and to co-author a manifesto for Creative Producing.

The program will engage the participants in an open, playful, and collaborative process to further define practice and capture a global perspective.