Angelika Kolodziej

Angelika Kolodziej is a photographer, movie maker, mixed media practitioner and Plymouth University i-Dat student.

Over the years, she participated as an artist in several exhibitions, gathered the experience as a curator, student representative, ambassador and Plymouth Art Weekender volunteer. Her photography practice concerns people, personalities, places, culture. She works with both individuals and companies on a variety of projects, such as commercial and promotional content, advertising, product shooting, event reportage or interiors. With a heart and a mind strongly devoted to artistic expression, documentary and lifestyle.

In her journey as a Master student, she became interested in 3D modelling, 3D printing techniques, possibilities of New Technology and Social Media dependencies. Her graduate exhibition concerned the juxtaposition of still and moving image with the use of AR technology, and now she is pushing her creativity to make an immersive piece relying on 3D modelling. Her practice allows for a lot of freedom and experimentation, at the same time keeping the work relevant and stimulating.