Arts Council National Portfolio Programme

We are pleased to announce that i-DAT’s application for Arts Council England National Portfolio Funding has been successful. Following a history of Grants For the Arts funding acceptance into the National Portfolio Funding Programme marks a significant point in i-DAT’s evolution. This Arts Council England investment will allow us to defrag and reboot and establish a sustainable platform to deliver our programme and services. We look forward to working with artists, organisations and audiences on a regional, national and international level.
i-DAT is dedicated to being a catalyst for creative experimentation – through collaborative, networked, and open innovation – to co-create social, cultural and economic benefit.
In a world of widely distributed knowledge, resources and skills, individuals and organisation cannot operate in isolation. i-DAT passionately believes that it must embrace the opportunities created by digital technologies to be collaborative, networked and open in order to sustainably co-create social, economic and cultural benefit for society in general and, in particularly, for current and future generations of young people.
We want to facilitate innovation in order to tackle the complex challenges facing individual, social, cultural and economic development in the 21st century. We will achieve this by creating environments (offline and online) and digital tools that empower the cultural, commercial and community sectors. We will provide access to new ideas, knowledge, data, technologies and practices through rich interactions with teaching, research and enterprise. We will support the evolution of this vision through a mixed economy of funding streams generated through the synergies between world-class research, creative and commercial productions, industrial collaborations and sponsorship.