CairoTronica: 03-17/05/2016

i-DAT is pleased to be a Creative and Innovation Partner for Cairotronica
Cairotronica is a Symposium of Electronic and New Media arts in Cairo, Egypt. Planned to be held biennially. It includes a program of activities, exhibitions, talks, workshops and screenings by local, regional, and international artists as well as academics, and technology experts. Cairotronica aims to inspire, educate, and challenge students and audiences from across the region.
i-DAT will be delivering:
A data workshop,
exhibiting “Liber Legis – AIWASS v2.0” an encapsulated Artificial Neural Network, a self-contained computational system that performs a set of simple coded actions. It sits and waits for an audience, on seeing a viewer it decodes and translates the ‘Liber Legis’ as a visual stream and spoken code. On the completion of its performance it destroys the code and waits for the next viewer – “the Book of the Law is written and Concealed.”*
And introducing Fulldome UK to Egypt.
As well as participating in the Symposium.
*Crowley, A (1904). The Book Of The Law. York Beach, Me. Samuel Weiser, 1976. Pp 49.