Catalyst Winner – Stavros Didakis

Stavros Didakis recives the Catalyst Award from
Stavros is a digital arts and technology researcher with a special interest in HCI, interface design, media programming, and system development. He has followed studies in sound engineering, media, music technology & audio systems, sonic arts, and interface & interaction design. He has published a number of conference papers, exhibited original artworks, and developed experimental or commercial permanent as well as temporary interactive installations.
Due to his extended background in music performance and production, Stavros has created a number of live performance software and hardware tools for DJs, musicians, and visual artists. Moreover, he has created software solutions for venues, cafes, hotels, or galleries as easy, creative, and efficient methods to use and automate various media – sound, music, images, videos. Additionally he has created tabletop and touchscreen performance devices using custom software and hardware techniques. Part of these tools and developments can be found in