Coda (Yuming) Chen

Coda (Yuming) Chen is a PhD researcher in i-DAT on the CODEX International Postgraduate Research Network. His background is Industrial Design and Interaction Design, with a MA from Creative Computing Institute at the University of the Arts London, in the direction of Internet Equalities, and with skills in Digital Media Arts.

His research interests lie in AI art, generative art, blockchain art and DAOs. The research focuses on exploring user control and user engagement in the AI collaborative creation process by approaching design practice, and the impact of different types of real-time feedback on interactive AI art creation on the basis of cybernetics.

By designing interaction modes for users at different levels of creativity, from simple gesture interaction to complex multimodal interaction, different levels of user intervention are generated for the AI art creation process. The cybernetic-based adaptive system also allows the AI art generator to give multimodal feedback according to the user’s form of interaction and dynamically adjust the AI art generation process.