Coral Manton

Coral is a researcher and developer at i-DAT. Her current PhD is funded through the 3D3 consortium. She is a qualified curator and her professional background is in museums and galleries specialising in collections and exhibitions. She is an interdisciplinary artist and technologist with a specialism in data visualisation, interactive design, VR/Mixed-Reality and immersive experiences. Coral is a maker – she was commissioned to design and build a series of interactive exhibits for Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum’s exhibition Come Create exploring art, engineering and celebrating the Maker Movement.
Coral leads the IVT/VR research group at Plymouth and last year went on a research residency to SAT in Montreal. Her VR research including prototyping speculative experiences – she developed a EEG Brain controlled VR experience for Birmingham Arts Science Festival 2018. Coral led a lecture series in making immersive films for full-dome cinema with the University of the West of England and the Royal Academy of Music and been in-house digital artist for Birmingham Planetarium.

Coral is an audio visual performer and coder she performs regularly at Algoraves and was featured in the Guardian in an article on the future of underground dance music. She is an advocate for women in technology and coding speaking at Digital Catapult and doing a BOM fellowship exploring methods for collaborative working for women in technology and exposing the effects of negative representations of women online through a series of workshops and interventions. In collaboration with Birgitte Aga she is developing an feminist conversational AI, programmed by women through a series of workshops around the UK.

Coral is a game developer/designer. She previously worked for RARE on Kinect Sports. Coral now lectures on the Game Art & Design degree course, along with Digital Media Design. She is developing a game exploring digital relationships online through sexology cultural collections. This project is in collaboration with Dr. Jen Grove researcher at Rethinking Sexology, a Wellcome Trust funded research project at Exeter University and writer Dr. Abigail Parry.

Coral has a passion for science engagement. She has been working on a collaborative project with Gravitational Wave/Ligo Researchers at The University of Birmingham and a synth developer. She created a visualisation from Gravity Wave Data, live modulated using a desktop laser interferometer built be the astrophysicists for a performance at Future Everything 2018.

Coral is a Research Affiliate of the British Library. She has an interest in the aesthetics of stored knowledge and exploring this in VR. She led a research project with the EThOS team exploring multimedia research in UK PhD theses and future multimodal theses. This project was cited in the AHRC Academic Book of the Future Report and has now been cited is multiple publications.

Coral’s PhD research brings together her background in museums and immersive digital art practice. Her research investigates whether an immersive museum collection database can be an effective way for visitors and curators to explore collection objects and historical data. Her study also explores ways visitors can interact with the collection database and whether visualising the collection in an immersive way can be useful for curators understanding of the collection and extracting multi-layered narratives for exhibition. The visualisation pulls together constellation of objects, promoting new understanding through links and changing contexts. She is developing prototypes with Birmingham Museums as part of the master planning process for a proposed redevelopment of the museum.