Consciousness Reframed 2015:
– a technoetic tribunal

20-22 November 2015
Songjiang District, Shanghai, China
How variable is reality? How malleable is the virtual? Where do truth and technology overlap? In a world of art and ideas that is increasingly transcultural, transmedial, and transvisionary, who owns authorship? Where is art located? Does the technology of the nano, bio or robo excite or exhaust creativity? Can the mind be printed in three dimensions? Is participation an illusion of interaction? What is the Zen of product design, the Tao of architecture, or the I Ching of post-biological art? Is theory covert practice? Does social media induce speculative stasis? Will artists farm the pharmacology of the mind? What are art’s unasked questions?
Marks the launch of the DeTao-Node of the Planetary Collegium
The Planetary Collegium of Plymouth University is consistently recognized as one of the premier research platforms for doctoral and post doctoral degrees in the world. Planetary Collegium is the 2011 recipient of the World Universities Forum for the Best Practice in Higher Education. Its founding president is Professor Roy Ascott.
The DeTao-Node is located in Shanghai, China and hosted by DeTao Masters Academy. As an integral part of the Planetary Collegium.