Creative DataLab

‘CREATIVE DATALABs’ – a collaboration between i-DAT and Plymouth School of Creative Arts (PSCA)
The Creative Data Labs are spaces for collaborations, where exciting ideas are created and tested, and collaborative prototypes are developed. The labs bring together a diverse range of people and interests, but with a common intention; to work together to create interventions (often driven by the data we all create), that change people’s perception of spaces, places and people (including themselves).
The Creative DataLabs consists of two labs; the first, ‘DataLab1: Making Ideas’ is all about generating and testing ideas, and the second, DataLab2: Building & Breaking all about realising these into working prototypes. These prototypes may become artworks in a gallery, intervention in the street or in a school, a commercial product, or just exist for the sake of playing. These fit into the ‘Making Weeks’ at the end of each half term.
The intention is that the prototypes from DataLab2 will be further developed beyond the labs through funding applications, partnership development and / or commercial sponsorship.
Prototyping workshops delivered in the IVT, i-DAT’s Digital Labs and the Red House.

Research Workshops