Dan Efergan

Daniel Efergan is currently the Executive Creative Director of Interactive at Aardman Animations. Which means he’s mainly spending time doing fun things like making games, forming playful communities, and messing around in the murky bits between storytelling and interactivity.

He has been instrumental in the conception and delivery of BAFTA winning interactive projects such as the Tate Movie Project and World of Invention, and led or supported many others, including the (twice) BAFTA nominated debut console game, 11-11 Memories Retold.

Before Aardman kept himself entertained as MD of Subsub Skills and Production, technical lead on Light Up Bristol, a part time lecturer (teaching programmer in i-DAT) and when still studying with i-DAT, founding and running the Submerge New Media Festival with fellow students.  This last one gave him a warm and fuzzy feeling by bringing together creative people and seeing what happened.

He’s particularly interested in creative programming and the future of human/computer interaction and its effect on society. He likes philosophy (mainly because of Mike Phillips) and if he wasn’t so busy would love to work out the meaning of life.