Design Research Workshop delivered in collaboration with the Message and Design Knowledge Research Groups.

Date: Wednesday 20 November

Time: 15.00 – 18.00

Location: i-DAT Room 201 Roland Levinsky Building

The DATA TA-DA! Workshop is aimed at supporting research engagement with the overlapping DATA concerns of the Impact Lab ( the South West Creative Technology Network (

The SWCTN Data Fellowship call deadline is the 9th December and the workshop i support applications and engagement with the project. It also aims to build more relationships with the Impact Lab and the Sustainable Earth Institute.

SWCTN DATA CALL: The SAS Institute (2016) predicted that between 2015 and 2020, big data analytics and the Internet of Things would produce a combined value of £322 billion to the UK economy. Those who create, collect, collate, hold, trade and preserve data are now in a very powerful position. The creative industries and creative technologies are central to this new world, and how they respond to it’s challenges and opportunities are crucial to this call. Data and how it’s used consistently influences our choices and opinions, raising questions about data governance, responsibility and ethics.


Data has the potential to offer insights into how ‘things’ work, behave and develop. But with so much data now available to us, the integration of data and how it is governed via Smart City platforms and the Internet of Things is becoming crucial. Developing creative approaches and responses to data generation, and to its capture, management, retrieval and security are therefore at the foreground of this growing interdisciplinary field

Environmental Futures Defined as the problems and opportunities arising from human activity or global trends where digital technology, big data, other disciplines and cross functional and cross institutional working can provide a viable solution.


Environmental Futures encompasses environmental sciences and covers atmospheric, terrestrial, freshwater and marine, pollution control and mitigation, meteorological sciences, climate change, ecology and environmental monitoring, impacts on ecosystems goods and services.

By its nature and as implied in the word ‘futures’, some of the problems requiring a solution are not yet known or fully understood. The nature of the problems may extend into a wide variety of sectors. This is expected and encouraged.

The aim of this workshop is to:

  • provide support for SWCTN fellowship and Impact Lab applications and partnerships.
  • enlighten participants to contemporary issues and practicalities of Data.
  • provide a playful and accessible hands-on experience of data harvesting, processing and systems
  • enable insights to how these processes can inform individual research practices
  • discuss issues around ethics, IP within collaborative academic/industrial research
  • provide a platform for discussion around academic/industrial knowledge exchange

15:00: Introduction: Mike Phillips/ Victoria Squire / Pete Davis.
15:30: Dr Lauren Ansell [Impact Lab] Using Social Media Data
15:45: DATA TA-DA! Workshop. Data harvesting with Joel Hodges [i-DAT/Impact Lab] 16:30: Pizza & more fiddling
17:00: More Data and applications, partnership and project surgery.
18:00: Game over