Dr. Guido Bugmann

Guido Bugmann is a Reader in Intelligent Systems. He is on the supervisory team of Pete Carss and has collaborated on numerous i-DAT projects including Arch-OS.
He is developing artificial vision systems for robots, investigates path-planning and spatial memory, and works on robot programming using spoken instructions. He supervises 2 PhD students and teaches neural computation and natural language interfaces at undergraduate and postgraduate level. He is programme manager of the MSc Robotics.
Dr. Bugmann has 3 patents and over 100 publications. He is reviewer for Neural Networks, Biological Cybernetics, Networks: Computation in Neural Systems, Electronics Letters, Canadian J. of Chemical Engineering, Pattern Analysis and Applications and Biosystems. He is member of the Swiss Physical Society, The Neuroscience Society, The British Machine Vision Association, The EPSRC Peer Review College, The UK Network for Biologically-Inspired Robotics (BIRO-Net) and is UK representative elect. in the European Robotics Research Network (EURON).