Francie Yan

Yan Feng (Francie) is a PhD researcher with i-DAT at the University of Plymouth. Her research aims to explore a comparative history of dyeing processes across the UK and China, paying particular attention to the social, cultural, mythological, and practical design application of dyeing techniques.

Using practice-based techniques underpinned by literature reviews of these aspects and a participatory approach with practitioners, her research will capture traditional practices and develop new techniques for dyeing. Her research will engage with local communities of makers in the UK and China, such as Chinese and British native plant artists. It will identify different dyeing methods from local dyeing artists in China and the UK, collaborating to produce artworks and products as research samples. During these experiments, data will be collected for reference, the scope from the small artisan dyeing artists and groups to the larger fashion industry.

The research process will develop a participatory process for engaging these communities and gaining new knowledge from their traditions of practice.