Fulldome Workshop


Introduction to Fulldome (6 Dec)

Friday 6th December, 11am-5pm at Kaleider Studios

‘The thing’s hollow – it goes on forever – and – oh my God – it’s full of stars!’ (Clarke 1968).

Mike Phillips and Luke Christison, from i-DAT.org, will be delivering an introductory Fulldome workshop at Kaleider.

Fulldome immersive environments provide access to a shared Virtual Reality – no sticky head mounted displays or tethered isolation!




Fulldome’s spherical perspective has had its horizons expanded in recent years by the development of more agile and cheaper digital technologies, hi-rez 360 cameras and game engine authoring software. Now liberated from the sciedutainment world of planetariums this democratised space is a digital playground for creative practitioners, from artists and designers to VJ’s and hackers.

The workshop will focus on the use of cheap 360 cameras and free Game Engine software to construct simple Fulldome environments in a 3-meter inflatable dome in the Kaleider studio.


Hardware and software:

This introductory session will provide limited hands on editing opportunities in Unity 3D. Please bring your own laptop (if you have one) pre-loaded with:

Unity 3D https://unity.com/ (only minimal familiarity is necessary, but it would be useful if you have viewed the beginners Unity 3D tutorials such as: https://learn.unity.com/project/karting-template).

Tickets: Pay what you decide

This event forms part of the South West Creative Technology Network Talent Development programme. All events within this programme are run on a pay what you decide basis. This means that it is you, not us, who makes the call about how much the event will cost you. Will it be £5? £25? £50? What is the experience worth to you?

Crucially, it also means that if you’d love to come but investing in skills development at the moment just isn’t possible, you can come along for free.

Once we’ve covered our costs, your payment will go straight back into the scheme, allowing us to programme more talent development work for people like you. We are determined to ensure that anyone can access skills development, and so we are asking you, our audience, to pay it forward if you can.

Please bear in mind that for every £5 you donate, around £1 will go towards booking fees and VAT.

Introduction to Fulldome (6 Dec)