Telematic Embrace

Satellite Interview /

Roy Ascott, David Bowie, Brian Eno /

1995 /

Roy Ascott / David Bowie / Brian Eno

Opal Information was published between 1986 and 1996 by Brian Eno’s Opal Music label, Opal Ltd. It documented and discussed the activities of the artist and musician and the various collaborations and projects. Pages 8 to 10 of Opal Information (number 26, 1995) present an extract from a live satellite interview between Roy Ascott, Brian Eno and David Bowie where they discussed all things interactive and the emergence of a now faint memory, the CDROM.

Brian Eno was a student of Ascott on the Groundcourse at Ipswich Civic College and have maintained a creative dialogue over the years. In 1993 Brian Eno was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Plymouth University.

A PDF of Number 26 can be found here: MORE DARK THAN SHARK has no official association with Brian Eno or his representatives.

These telematic entanglements can be better understood by reading Ascott’s writings:

Telematic EmbraceVisionary Theories of Art, Technology, and Consciousness

by Roy Ascott (Author)Edward A. Shanken (Editor), December 2007