FulldomeUK 2014 winners

The winners of FulldomeUK 2014 have been announced.
FulldomeUK is a festival of fulldome art that we co-founded and that we help to run. This took place late last year, and the winners – the people at the cutting edge of the cutting edge of media – have been announced.
These films were selected by an independent jury from a shortlist curated by the festival’s organising committee. And the winners are (with a taste of the judges’ comments)…
Best in ShowBeat
“Beat has the best potential for bringing visual storytelling to the Fulldome form, providing a psychological landscape. Abstract expressionism finally has a voice through Beat”
Best studentDie Wundertrommel
“Playful exploration of Fulldome and a cool reference to old tech zoetrope – punches above its weight”
Best Use of DomeInfinite Horizon
“Elegant and minimal, understated immersion. Great soundscape.”
Best Sonic Experience  – Ride Zero
“Great immersive sonic expression, synthetic experience… big up the jungle massive!”
Best Experimental Beat
“New perspectives and exciting potential for collaged video in Fulldome.”
Best NarrativeVessel
“Exceptional presentation of narrative form within the dome medium.”