i-DAT at ISEA2015

21st International Symposium of Electronic Art. 14-19 August 2015
i-DAT at ISEA – Mike Blow and Mike Phillips present at ISEA 2015:
Michael Blow. Disrupting Perceptions: Reimagining Architecture through Sound. Art or Research Short paper
Martin Kusch, Dimitris Charitos, Mike Phillips, Marie-Claude Poulin, Ruth Schnell and Thomas Dumke. E/M/D/L – European Mobile Dome Lab for Artistic Research. Panel
Peter Anders, Elif Ayiter, Diane Gromala, Mike Phillips, Paul Thomas: Didactic Disruption: Roy Ascott’s Models for Arts Education and Research. Panel
Katerina Kontini, Dimitris Charitos, Iouliani Theona and Mike Phillips. Investigating the artistic potential of the fulldome as a creative medium: the case of the E/M/D/L project. Art or Research Long Paper
ISEA2015’s theme of DISRUPTION invites a conversation about the aesthetics of change, renewal, and game-changing paradigms. We look to raw bursts of energy, reconciliation, error, and the destructive and creative forces of the new. Disruption contains both blue sky and black smoke. When we speak of radical emergence we must also address things left behind. Disruption is both incremental and monumental.
In practices ranging from hacking and detournement to inversions of place, time, and intention, creative work across disciplines constantly finds ways to rethink or reconsider form, function, context, body, network, and culture. Artists push, shape, break; designers reinvent and overturn; scientists challenge, disprove and re-state; technologists hack and subvert to rebuild.
Disruption and rupture are fundamental to digital aesthetics. Instantiations of the digital realm continue to proliferate in contemporary culture, allowing us to observe ever-broader consequences of these effects and the aesthetic, functional, social and political possibilities that arise from them.