Interpretive visualisation Dr Simon Lock.

Monday 23/01/2012:
Location – IVT.
Combining creative and flexible interpretation of scientific data, with engagement and immersive technologies (Dome and XBox Kinect) for the development of educational applications.
i-DAT Research Workshops:
The i-DAT Research Workshops build on the heritage of a series of practice based production workshops, seminars and symposia. These include: Scale Electric, Far Away So Close, AHO+Bartlett=i-DAT, etc.

These workshops critically and playfully engage with themes, technologies and behaviours which form the symptoms manifest in the individual and collective practices of the i-DAT research community. These workshops are usually resource intensive so numbers may be limited. However, i-DAT will disseminate the research process and production work to a wider research/learning community and general public through documenta published through the i-DAT website and/or produced artefacts.
i-DAT Research Workshops will normally take place on a Thursday afternoon between 3 – 5. Locations will vary depending on the nature of the workshop, collaborations, and hosting organisations. Practice based Workshops may fall over several days (as with Far Away So Close and Scale Electric). For updates please refer to this page and the i-DAT News posts.
Smaller seminars will also be held to nurture and support research students undertaking the various stages of the MPhil/PhD cycle.