Jago Eliot

Jago Eliot (24 March 1966 – 15 April 2006).

We say goodbye to Jago, a life force and vibrant student and researcher at i-DAT, the pleasure was all ours. After joining the BSc MediaLab Arts programme Jago went on to excel at the MA/MSc Digital Futures programme before continuing with i-DAT to achieve the Artist Fellowship in Creative Technology by Hewlett-Packard in Bristol. Thorough out this time we plotted to cultivate St Germans as a nexus of international digital magic and innovation. We fondly remember his pneumatic Telematic performance, the lurking in telephone booths and the electrifying live tele-dominatrix experience, biting down on the rubber mouth guards with our feet in buckets of water. Experiences only to be surpassed by his telematic homage to Vito Acconci’s Seedbed and the live webcast of his son, Albie, from his mother, Bianca’s womb. Thank you for the support with Interstices, and the Planetary Collegium sessions held at Port Eliot.  But the pièce de resistance would surely be the upside-down rainbow at Jago’s funeral.

Update: It’s a year to the day after Jago’s departure and I am wondering back to my hotel room at some conference in Boston. Staggering through the lobby I hear the faint sounds of “What a Wonderful World”, beautifully sung at Jago’s funeral by his brother Louis, swooning from the bar. There, like a choir of angels from beyond, there, surrounding the piano and singing their hearts out, a troupe of drag queens, for certain a telematic message… “I’m thinking of you!”