Lynne Wang

Donglin Wang (Lynne) is a PhD researcher in i-DAT on the CODEX International Postgraduate Research Network.

Her research focuses on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through a systematic and in-depth investigation of the current situation regarding the issues surrounding the information asymmetry among specialists, caregivers and parents, and eventually to provide a HCI based solution. ASD is a neurodevelopmental disorder, involving social communication deficits, social interaction obstacles, and stereotyped repetitive behaviour, which, in most people, has a lifelong impact. Among the existing literature, special attention has been paid to ASD medical diagnosis and therapy interventions. However, there is less theoretical and practical work focusing on the phenomenon of the patient’s information gap between doctor, parents and therapist. The caregivers can experience high levels of stress due to autistic children’s unique needs, motivations and requirements. ASD is considered a spectrum, which means there are no two children exhibiting the exact same set of symptoms. Design processes and interventions using daily behavioral data may allow time demands for diagnosis to be shortened, enabling caregivers to make better informed decisions on treatments and for guardians to receive more appropriate guidance for their own homecare.